7 Days After

Big plans! Foiled by fires, then it rained! Happy Thanksgiving!

My two best friends had reserved a campsite at the Pinnacles National Park for Thanksgiving weekend, a long weekend. We had chatted about it a little bit, they reserved the spot and the fire dangers in beautiful California shut it down!

I, being an overachiever when it comes to extending a 4 day holiday weekend, took the Wednesday prior to the holiday and the Monday and Tuesday after! Since the camping plans got canned I thought I might do some hiking. Silly me! I had told the boss on Tuesday before the holiday it wasn’t going to rain! So, Wednesday morning I got laundry done (off to a productive start) then headed to Deetjens for breakfast (did you expect anything less? Really?) Sitting there chatting with Steve, another local, I look out the window and said, “not hiking today”!

My plan for Thanksgiving day wasn’t ruined by the rain, I had planned on being lazy! Hadn’t counted on rain on Friday, but it didn’t matter it was too wet to hike even in the ‘hood!

So, on my last day before having to return to work, I went for a double and went to Deetjens (both Monday and Tuesday)! After breakfast I came home and since it’s supposed to rain on Wednesday, I swept the leaves off the roof! A task I’ve neglected for far too long!

Leaves are mostly off the California Maple…

…and on the Huckleberry…


And most every where!

..but they are all off the roof (no pic of that cuz it is slimy)!

This winter is already too wet to hike much! Wait and see is where it is right now!


Monday, Veterans day…

At about 7 AM on Monday, Veterans Day celebrated in the USA… the sun rise is reflected on the western horizon.

Not a great site for someone with pulmonary issues… let alone someone who wants to take a hike!

We have 2 seasons in California, we’re in Fire season which hopefully won’t be followed by a serious Flood season! With all the extreme weather happening worldwide it’s a terrifying time.

Sorry, didn’t get a picture of the great breakfast which turned into a 2 hour deal chatting with another Big Sur local!

3 day weekend, what to do?

Truck in for service on Saturday, chores on Sunday and a few choices for Monday.

Choice #1-HIKE! Okay, so it’s just the one choice and I’m planning on going for it! It’ll be in Big Sur and after a Deetjens breakfast!

Two state parks north of breakfast are Pfeiffer


Andrew Molera


Or south of breakfast… random spots in Los Padres National Park.

To be continued…

With a job like this…

If I had to work an office job it might be a different story, but I get a lot of great views

I get to see wildlife like this 2 point Black Tail deer

And wild flowers like the California Golden Poppy

It’s not all beauty and fun, and there is the part where a rodent might scurry out of a trash can while changing the can liner! And there’s paperwork, the bosses (yes, 2 of them) with expectations, cleaning restrooms, but it’s State Parks and someone has to do it!

Then there’s finding new stuff while shopping for a project!

I wouldn’t trade it for anything but retirement!

L.I. an intelligent move?

For you who are not familiar with this lifestyle I’ll describe it as gypsy-like, vagabonding. Now, you may be wondering what the LI stands for… Location Independence! Do an internet search and you get definitions of LI and this (at least with google)

http://www.locationindependent.com Jason and Trav’s “brand” if you will.

The search will also bring up books on the subject.

I’m still delving into the concept… and it is partially why I started this blog. When I retire I am planning on living this lifestyle, as my retirement will require me to work. I am going to write and photograph my way around. My plan is publishing electronically and eventually making enough to supplement my retirement!


The above web address is the website of a gentleman who came up in an internet search for transforming a truck into a home away from home!

Still debating on getting a newer truck, truck cap or camper. Working with a cap on the 2001 Toyota and thinking I just may go with what I have… with a few modifications! She needs some repairs and outfitting, but she is #2 on the top 10 best vehicles for Overlanding https://expeditionportal.com/top-10-used-overland-vehicles/

While I’m sure this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, if you can get a “side hustle” going, it does have its pluses. Your own time schedule, not tied to the doldrum of a regular job &1 work location and if your smart and invest some of the money made in your future, you could be living this lifestyle for the rest of your life! If you always dreamed of traveling the world, but got hung up in the work-away-your-days world, you may want to look into it a bit more.

Now, I’m not saying throw away everything you’ve worked for and run off to join the circus, I’m suggesting that you do the research, learn more about it and perhaps dip your toe in the water of a travel lifestyle!

I just read this book by Ryan Shauers and while it may not be in line for a Pulitzer Prize… it made some good points and has some useable ideas.

Like I said, it may not be for everyone, but it may help you plan that dream vacation you always wanted to take!!!

Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve hiked in Big Sur, but…

We all do it… “I should have done (fill in the blank), I could have… , I would have… , but instead…”! Today I did that! I should have gone hiking in Big Sur! I could have gone hiking in Big Sur! I would have gone hiking in Big Sur if my home wasn’t such a mess!!! I did go to my favorite spot for breakfastResized_20181104_080649003

Deetjens (https://www.deetjens.com/) Juevos Rancheros!


They were a part of the food and wine event and I happened upon it on my regular, first of the month visit! Don’t drink, but sat next to the selection of Champagnes and a couple of the reps for the caviar and champagne companies.

As for the home front being a disaster… not so much anymore. Accomplished a couple big cleanups inside and then went outside to play (what I call yard work, especially when the back doesn’t do me in)!

Resized_20181104_121432003 While raking the fall leaves decided to move a rock (this was the halfway point)!


The beginning of the rock wall from the bridge to the house!

How’s that for a day without hiking?

Tomorrow, after work, I get one step closer to having an official “Logo” for Live the Hike Life! Not bad at all!